Intercom on your phone – Hello, Push the canopy back, Over

Today we want to talk about a walkie-talkie. If you plan events or generally plan gatherings where you might have to organise & arrange people, you might have at one time felt the need for a walkie-talkie to scream at someone down the hall idling around.

Or if you are a boss, team leader, class captain, you would have needed to call the attention of a team member to an issue or task. Well, you could send a VN or call them or send a chat, that works. A walkie-talkie will allow you communicate in real time though, without spending a dime and the person wouldn’t be able to deny they didn’t get the message.

“Tunji, I can see you dozing off, Over! I say over Tunji!”

Now, you do not need to get an actual walkie-talkie, no. We found an app to do this for you. It is FREE, and all you need to do is download it from your respective store, install it, and configure it. The app uses either Bluetooth or WiFi to work.

To use Bluetooth, simply add the device you want to communicate with, and when connected, you will be able to communicate easily via Bluetooth.

To use WiFi, simply connect all the devices you will be communicating with to the same WiFi and communicate with any device you want.

The app allows you set PPT, a function where you push/tap a button on the screen when you are about to transmit. This way, your words are not constantly being transmitted.

You can change device name via the settings menu. There is also a setting that allows you set the frequency you want to use.

Download here –¬†

Android –¬†

We can’t find a similar app for the Apple store at the moment, please if you know of one, kindly let us know at

Some pictures

Add a device using bluetooth or wifi
Add a device using bluetooth or wifi
Broadcasting Frequency
Broadcasting Frequency

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