About Us

This is the Levit8 Blog where we talk about technology, science, fiction and anything we find interesting to talk about. We will be discussing apps, platforms, products, as well as testing new social concepts like crowd funding, debt society, a sharing economy, crowd sourcing and more.

You will also see live demos, tests, and reviews of products/services/ideas. Here, you will see invites to beta testings, results from controlled launches and other activities into developing a product/service.

If you would like to partake in any activity, please send us a mail at info@levit8.tech telling us where/what you are interested in and we will get round to working together.

Also, if you think there’s a topic we should treat, there’s a new trend you want to discuss, please feel free to send an email(info@levit8.tech)¬†or contact us on social media, let’s get talking, we aim to change the old narrative about Africa’s backward involvement in technology. We have the brains, the know how, we just need a new narrative to direct our intentions & actions.

On our home site, we have a list of business services we offer; project management, business development, gadget store.

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